The Hawaiian Gardenia, a unique treasure exclusive to Hawaii. Unlike the common gardenia found throughout America, this species is endemic to the islands. Standing up to 16 feet tall.

Hinahina Hawaiian Flower

A charming low-growing shrub also known as Geranium cuneatum. This perennial beauty thrives in open, drier areas at higher elevations, reaching a modest height of three feet. I

Uki Uki

The enchanting world of the Uki Uki, commonly known as the Hawaiian Lily. Once part of the lily family, it now stands as the sole representative of the Asphodelaceae family in the Hawaiian Islands.


The Hawaiian Flowering Shrub, endemic to the stunning landscapes of Hawaii. Belonging to the mallow family, Malvaceae, this remarkable shrub can reach towering heights of up to 10 feet.

Pua Kala Hawaiian Flower

Hawaiian Poppy, also known as the Beach Poppy or prickly poppy. Its sporadic blooming throughout the year reveals stunning, short-lived flowers that grace the landscape for just a single day.

Ma’o Hau Hele

Introducing the Hawaiian Hibiscus, also known as the Yellow Hibiscus, a cherished symbol that became Hawaii’s state flower on June 6, 1988. Tragically, this remarkable flower now finds itself on the endangered species list.

Molokai Ohaha

The Molokai Ohaha, a remarkable flowering plant belonging to the Bellflower family, Campanulaceae. This exquisite species is endemic to the captivating island of Moloka’i in Hawaii.

Kanawao Hawaiian Flower

The Hawaiian Happy Face, a beautiful flowering plant native to Hawaii. This perennial plant belongs to the Hydrangea family and can be found in mesic and wet forests across the main Hawaiian Islands.


The remarkable Mamane, an endemic shrub and towering tree of Hawaii. Reaching impressive heights of up to 50 feet, this perennial flowering plant belongs to the Fabaceae family, commonly known as the pea and bean family.


The Moloka’i Treecotton, also known as Koki’o, is a plant that is exclusively found in Hawaii. However, it is disheartening to note that it no longer exists in the wild.  


The Lipochaeta, commonly known as Nehe, belongs to the Asteraceae family, also known as the daisy family. This genus of flowering plants is found exclusively in Hawaii, specifically on the Ni’ihau and Kaua’i Islands.

Hawiian Red Cranesbill

The rare and endangered Red Cranesbill, also known as Hawaiian Red Cranesbill, is a species native to the island of Maui. This remarkable plant can reach heights of up to 13 feet in the wild.

Cosmosflower Beggarticks

Introducing the extraordinary Cosmosflower Beggarticks, a distinctive member of the sunflower family. This plant holds an exclusive presence on the captivating Kaua’i Island in Hawaii.